Choosing a time to meet usually ends up requiring multiple emails back and forth to choose a date, time and location. A few years ago I found it easier to just give clients access to my schedule so they can pick a time, date and location that best fits their availability. This website makes it easy for people to schedule meetings with me and connect with me online.

I integrated Acuity Scheduling into this website which provides a direct connection to my Google Calendar. When Acuity Scheduling shows my availability and when someone schedules a meeting or consultation, it adds it to my Google Calendar which syncs with my phone and computer. It also integrates with marketing tools I use such as Mailchimp and Freshbooks. I then used the Email Signature Builder from Hubspot to generate a nice email signature for my emails that includes a Call To Action (CTA) at the bottom that directs to this website. Here is my email signature:

Email Signature

As a person who considers himself a Technologist, I am always looking for the tools and technologies that help me achieve more and be more effective with my time. I also believe that my client’s time is valuable, so anything I can do to improve that is a win. That is why I created this website.

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